VIP Body & Beauty

"VIP s.r.l are the leaders in the new wave of non surgical solutions to cosmetic problems. VIP's computerised treatment equipment provides the most advanced and most effective results from the soft approach that most consumers seek. Those beauty businesses that work with our equipment are achieving great success not only in the satisfaction of their clients but also success in terms of both their image and their increased profits.

Our equipment will restore and enhance naturally and can remove any necessity for surgery. More and more men and women now recognise that secret of real beauty is a natural look, not a face stretched taught, mountainous false bosom or the misshapen look of liposculpture but a naturally beautiful bosom, a sensibly slimmed body, a relaxed face and sincere eyes! VIP are leading the way through this new business wave - a really interesting new business and an incredible opportunity."

VIP Body System ?br>

Cells and metabolic bio-activators - treatment and prevention of cellulite in its different stages - localised and diffused fat reduction- silhouette reshaping


Tissues firming - acceleration of fat metabolism -muscles toning

Computerised and personalised program for a correct evaluation of fat mass, muscular mass, bony mass and lean mass. Prescription of needed treatments.

TRANSION ?br> Complete beauty treatments for body and face including: Localised rapid slimming - muscular firming - skin toning - body reshaping

ISOGEI ?br> Complete beauty treatments for body and face including: Rapid and full firming of each muscle bundles - mini-lifting - enhancing of skin tone

LINFOGEI ?br> Complete beauty treatments for body and face including: Lymphatic drainage - venous drainage - oedemas treatment - cellulite - swellings - prevention of the localised cosmetic problems due to bad circulation

Anti-age beauty treatments for the face including: Regenerating and firming action of the surface epithelial tissues - prevention of premature ageing - wrinkles

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