GM Collin

"At G.M. Collin, products are developed with one goal in mind: To offer high tech skin care solutions, which are deeply rooted in the brilliance of nature. Beauty reborn is about recapturing your true, natural radiance with the help of modern technology.

G.M. Collin products are derived from natural plant and marine extracts and are technologically developed to achieve visible results. While our laboratory uses the highest scientific standards, our philosophy of respect for the environment mandates that our products are not tested on animals. This balanced commitment to good science is the cornerstone of all our product development. While our ultimate goal is to offer the best skin care products on the market today, the true spirit of G.M. Collin is to help women and men look great while feeling good about how they achieved the results."

Christine Valmy

"Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics was founded in 1965, as the first Esthetics school in the United States. Ten years later, the founder's daughter, Marina Valmy, set up a New Jersey laboratory to create products designed to work from the inside out, helping the skin to be its most healthy & beautiful best.

Our Mission is to design products and treatments that get to the root of skin problems, allowing the skin to heal itself from within, leading to long term results. Our schools combine ancient worldwide traditions with the latest advances in biology, chemistry, herbology, nutrition and real salon know-how. Our Mission is to provide future Estheticians an education that prepares them with the knowledge and training necessary for a rewarding career as a skin care professional. Real Beauty Comes From Within"

Rose Crown

Five Elements Massage Oil

"Incorporation of ancient Chinese medical science, the five element theory associates constituents of the natural world - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - with other fundamentals such as seasons, emotions and parts of body.

Rose Crown special formulated Five Elements Massage and Bath oil can be used everyday to unblock and balance the elements, and help you along your spiritual path to enlightenment."

Metal massage & bath oil
Ingtedients: Sandalwood, frankincense, rosewood, vetivert, grapefruit, fennel, cedarwood and lime essential oils, grapeseed oil & wheatgerm oil | Season: autumn | Climate: dry | Emotion: grief | Taste: Pungent | Herb: ginger | Actions: stimulant, warming | Parts of the body: lungs, large intestine, nose

Wood massage & bath oil
Ingredients: Chamomile, basil, rosewood, cedarwood, mandarin orange, peppermint, petigrain and lavender essential oils, grapeseed oil & wheatgerm oil | Season: spring | Climate: windy | Emotion: anger | Taste: sour | Herb: schisandra | Actions: astringent | Parts of the body: liver, gallbladder, eyes, tendons

Water massgage & bath oil
Ingredients: Neroli, frankincense, rosewood, eucalyptus, juniperberry, lemon, sweet orange and rosemary essential oils, grapeseed oil & wheatgerm oil | Season: winter | Climate: cold | Emotion: fear | Taste: salty | Herb: chinese figwort | Actions: drain fluids | Parts of the body: kindeys, bladder, bones, hair

Fire massage & bath oil
Ingredients: Jasmine, rose, rosewood, geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, and mandarin orange essential oils, grapeseed oil & wheatgerm oil | Season: summer | Climate: hot | Emotion: joy | Taste: bitter | Herb: chinese rhubrab | Actions: cooling | Parts of the body: heart small intestine, tongue

Earth massage & bath oil
Ingredients: Rose, clary sage, lavender, bergamot, grapefruit, marjoram and ginger essential oils, grapeseed oil & wheatgerm oil | Season: late summer | Climate: damp | Emotion: reflection | Taste: sweet | Herb: jujube | Actions: tonic, restorative | Parts of the body: spieen, stomach, mouth, flesh


"Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable products, made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. We do this through an environmentally sensitive process that is designed to meet your personal expectations of fragrance and function. Bubalina makes your life a little nicer, a little quieter, and a little more relaxing through subtle but satisfying cremes, lotions, gels and oils.

Our wonderfully fragrant bath, body, and skin care products are rich with nourishing certified organic ingredients and perfect for your spa, salon, or personal use. With the famous Bubalina Girls adorning the packaging, we don't forget the fun and femininity!

All Bubalina products are manufactured at environmentally conscious laboratories and companies using green power and renewable energy. Bubalina products are packaged in post-consumer, recyclable boxes that do not use any material derived from "Old Growth Forests." All graphics are printed with vegetable-based inks."